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  Reproducing Player Piano
WELTE und Sohne - Germany - 1906
Made by the Welte firm from Freiburg in Brisgau in 1906, this mahogany-covered cabinet is a piano without keyboard, operated by a pneumatic system and perforated paper. The instrumental part, realised by Feurich, has a string length equal to that of a baby grand piano. The mechanism of a construction more successful than that of the Aeolian company is remarkable for its spirit of observation of the piano-like manner of playing. The production of dynamics is obtained by the permanent antagonism between two controls. Thus it is well suited to the Romantic interpretation of 19th century music. The advertisements at the time made it clear that the Great of this world, when they wanted to sample some music, listened to it on Welte-Mignon.  

MÓJ - 23/01/1999