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  Bird Organ
Mirecourt - France - 1778

This small organ made at Mirecourt in the Vosges, region of France; was used in parlours from the beginning of the 18th century to teach canaries to sing, hence its name.

It’s easy to reach the various parts of the instrument which can be completely dismantled. The idea behind it is one of the very simplest; it is this simplicity that gives it all its charm. By examining it you can, witness the teething problems encountered when making an organ.

The cylinder rests on a movable support, thus allowing it to move sideways in order to play the eight tunes noted down by means of pins and links and, more particularly, to be interchangeable. Noted down in this way are the tunes which had become popular enough to be simplified whilst remaining recognisable to all.


MÓJ - 23/01/1999