• L'Art du Facteur d'Orgues - Dom Bedos de Celles (1776)
    Fac-similé of the most famous book about organ building; in the same size than the original, with a lot of engravings... Absolutely Superb! In french.
    449.72 (+ Xeu.30,50 for secure shipping)

  • Musique en Boites, Boites à Malices - Eve Bernard-Chaillat (1987)
    Catalog of our private collection, printed for the Grand-Palais in Paris Exhibition. Texts in french, english and deutsch. Texts and photos can be seen in "
    cabinet de Curios"
    22,90 (+ Xeu.2,30 for shipping)

  • Initiation à la Musique Mécanique - Eve Bernard-Chaillat (1990)
    History about mechanical musical instruments, how do they work? Explanations, sketches... very fine approach.
    13,72 (+ Xeu.2,30 for shipping)

  • Encyclopedia of Mechanical Musical Instruments - David Q. Bowers
    All you need to know about these stuffs. Old catalog extracts, collectibles photos, a sum in the field.

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