Proposals about our Exhibitions

With its own private collection, Le Ludion organizes cultural and pleasant exhibitions on several themes :
    30 wonderful antique mechanical musical instruments on display, with historical references, fairground art environment, reproducing pianos concert, and songs on stages from turn of the century to jazz. On the stage most of the great pianists of the end of the last century : Paderewski, Camillle Saint-Saens, Richard Strauss, Claude Debussy or Maurice Ravel. Cabaret Shows like in "Montmartre" in the Old Paris of the Turn of the Century.
    Designed for Grand Palais à Paris, for la Région Midi-Pyrénées en 1987; in Singapour for Raffles Hotel (Christmas 1993), for the Cité de la Musique (Paris, France) in march/june 1997.
    High technology of the last century, and its developments today. Locomotion (from pianola to flight-simulator), digitalizing (from old writing-machine and mechanical organs to computer), photo and movie, (from pre-cinema to numeric TV)
    Designed for Edf-Bazacle en 1992.
    Music arrangement teaching specially for young people, with drawings, midi-file samples, and test on an acoustic instrument.
    Designed for school since 1985, prized in "Faust de Toulouse" (1996), prized in "Bourges pour les Passions Technologiques" (1997).
    Special events of  "Toulouse-Lautrec" Ehxibition in Le Grand Palais in 1988, at the Raffles-Hotel, for Christmas Event in 1993, for our special remembrance birthday "Le Ludion, 20ans d'Amour et de Printemps" in  October 1996, in Silverdale in 1997, for the MBSI annual Meeting. Around spanish music with collectibles recorded rolls of  Manuel de Falla, Henrique Granados et Albéniz (on Welte Mignon),  for the huge Organs Festvals "Toulouse les Orgues", in la Halle aux Grains; at last, but not least in accompaniement with a singer like in Paris's OPERA BASTILLE in December 1999 with Haydée ALBA, from Argentina; we always found the right voice, the right instrument for your convenience. 

Ask for more informations and details, by e-mail : Eve Chaillat

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