• Our 20th "birthday" remembrance CD's with our friends's songs : Marie Thérèse François, Michelle Dalibot, Sylviane Blanquart et Maurice Maillet, playing severals grind organs : Baby, Baladin and Maestro. 68 minutes of pure pleasure.
    Le Ludion, 20 ans d'Amour et de passion"

  • CD Haydée Alba Special tour amongst the "Barrios of Buenos Aires",in the good old past time, guided by the marvellous voice of Haydée Alba, young lady from Argentina, who sings antique tangos and milongas, on special arrangements played one of our barrel organs.(Baladin):
    Tempos Viejos".

  • The french Song, where Love comes with "always". Two entertainers, two styles...
    She plays the Baladin, He sings accompanied by the Piccolo.

    Les Zorg'Agiles"

  • Bird Organ from Auguste Grasset's Museum La Serinette du Musée Auguste Grasset de Varzy 
    Among the instruments shown in "le salon de Musique du Musée Auguste Grasset de Varzy" you can hear a small cylinder bird organ from Gavot Fils in Mirecourt (Vosges area) dated of March,28 1763. Birds organs appeared in France circa 1740. They were used to teach music to the "serins" birds from  "isles Canaries". This instrument have two rank of tin pipes one open and one stopped. It was restored by french specialist Bernard Pin. It plays ten tunes on a cylinder with brass pins in it....... Special price €. 6,10 + port

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